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Award-Winningtenacious hemp oil soft capsules - 1 month supply - slow release action


If you're after a high potency efficacious hemp this is for you - packed full of healing ingredients as well as having health properties to reduce pain, anxiety, poor sleep and increase mood and wellbeing.  This is the finest formulation available on the market.


30 capsules




CO2 Hemp  is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that helps supplement and support your body’s naturally occurring levels, allowing your system (eCS) to function properly. The eCS is an incredibly important bodily system that helps create homeostasis for several functions such as mood, appetite, memory, digestion, respiration, perceived sensations of pain, and much more. It supports the eCS, which helps promote overall health and wellbeing


CO2 extraction is best because oxygen-free environments and low temperatures are particularly important when extracting fragile oils like Rosehip. ... CO2 extraction also leaves absolutely no solvent residues, so the final oil is impeccably pure.


made proudly in the UK


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Free from:


heavy metals



Over 18 only. Take 1 capsule per day.



tenacious hemp contains 10MG and is 100% natural, without additives.


Relieve Pain

More recently, scientists have discovered that certain components of marijuana, including, are responsible for its pain-relieving effects.

Discover today why Tenacious Hemp has helped thousands of customers already achieve their health goals.


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tenacious hemp oil capsules 10% PAIN ARTHRITIS INFLAMMATION ANXIETY MOOD

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