UV light is highly effective at killing germs

Because UVC rays have the shortest wavelength, and therefore highest energy, they are capable of killing bacteria and viruses, also called pathogens. ... UVC light also works by destroying the DNA of pathogens, which makes it effective against "superbugs."19 Mar 2020


Simply plug in the charger for 2 hours and then it's ready to use - it will last for hours until the next recharge is needed.





Portable UV Germicidal Lamp, Handheld Efficient Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Professional Disinfector Kills 99.9% of Germ Bacteria for Home, Hotel, Bathroom, Toilet, Car seat, Pet


Simply plug the USB charger into the portable handheld UV device and charge - then this it anywhere at anytime...   recharge when necessary.


  • 【Super Sterilization Efficiency】Auelife Handheld uv-c light sterilizer uses dual-wavelength LED sterilization lamp beads.The light uses a type of deep ultraviolet sterilization technology so that the sterilization and disinfection is more thorough. Eliminating bacteria rate of 99.9%, which just need 10-30 and swipe slowly two or three times from the item to sterilize.
  • 【Quality & Safety Guaranteed】Our UV light Sterilizer selected ABS material and advanced led light beads to ensure obvious sterilization effect and durable, the UV Sanitizer lamp build in deep uv led , the LED deep uv lamp durable more than 8000+hours .
  • 【Portable UV Light】Designed with compact size for easy carrying around, Hand-held UV Lamp is suitable for home, travel, school, office and other places you need to disinfect. It is an indispensable sterilization artifact for your home or travel.
  • 🌻 [CE Certification & Fast Delivery] CE / RoHS certification. The arrival time of the display is wrong, ❤ buy it now and deliver it within 3-7 days ❤Despite the special period, we still provide you with the fastest delivery service.
  • 🌻Ultraviolet disinfection effect: It has an ultraviolet wavelength of 100-280 nanometers, which is a pure physical disinfection method, which can achieve a disinfection effect of 99.99%, always protecting the health of family and children.
  • 🌻 Easy to use and efficient: Portable UV germicidal lamp can be charged via USB cable. To scroll to the right to open, you can use it to scan the surface of the object to be disinfected, which can be quickly disinfected in about 20 seconds. Turntable adjustment switch can easily adjust the brightness. No water or chemicals required, simple and convenient. Note: Do not point to people or animals during use to ensure safety! ! !
  • 🌻Easy to carry: The UV disinfection lamp measures 13.7 x 1.5 inches and weighs 170 grams. Hook-type personal design, easy to use, can be hung when not in use, saving space. It is ideal for home, office, school, hotel and travel. Make sure you travel in a clean environment.
  • 🌻Multi-purpose: can sterilize any type of textiles, kitchen utensils and many other items, such as underwear, sweaters, cups, cutlery, computer keyboard, laundry table, mobile phone, bed sheet, toothbrush, makeup tools, headphones, toilet lid, etc.


Product name: Led ultraviolet disinfection lamp
Wavelength: 270-395 (nm)
Current: 2 (A)
Voltage: 6 (V)
Service life: 17520 (H)
Appearance size 375×40×35 (mm)
Color: purple light
Product weight: 170 (g)
Installation interface: USB
Power: USB cable, 21 lamp beads, 30 lamp beads (W)
[Material] ABS environmental protection plastic
[Continuous lighting time] 2-6 hours
[Types of bulbs and accessories] COB
[Power Type] Charging
[Product packaging] Color box packaging
Packing list: 1*USB charging cable, 1*mobile disinfection lamp, 1* manual


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Portable UV Germicidal Lamp, Handheld Efficient Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp

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